Are online casinos legal for US players

Seeing the advertisement of accredited and licensed sites of online casinos in the US, you must be asking yourself before playing it “are online casinos legal for US players?”

The question is genuine because precautions are better than cure and nobody wants to go against the law. If we talk about advertisements at bigger level it is not allowed but at the small level, the publishers haven’t received any warning yet. You must be happy knowing that the US doesn’t have any legal law against the online gambling except you are living in the state of Washington. Although the Washington state has very organised laws for allowing offline gambling, it has tough laws for online gambling. Still, there are some ways by which you are able to play online casinos legally in Washington State. The laws only prevent the online gambling websites operating in the Washington state not the residents to gamble online for offshore websites.

There is an agency called Ecogra which internationally recognised testing agency for online gaming software and systems. If you are playing for online casinos, you must have to check for its legal status by Ecogra. So in the case, if you find any unfair activity on the site, you can go to Ecogra to look into the case. The US government will not be concerned about the case because of its disinterest to regulate online casinos.

Don’t forget that there are laws which are not definite to disallow online gambling, but the laws still restrict some form of gambling over the internet. The risk factor is always there while gambling online. It is not only you who is confused about whether online casinos are legal or illegal, even The US Attorney Catherine Hanaway is not sure about its illegality.

There are certain issues with payment options for Americans as they don’t use their credit cards, PayPal or e-wallets for the transaction to casinos. Americans can still try prepaid cards and western union options for payments.

So before giving your quest a way to play for online casinos, there are few things you must have to consider:

• From which state, province or country you belong.

• The online gambling site is legal or authorized to play in the US.

• What your age is in respect of the laws which allow you to play. Generally, it could be either 18 or 21 in particular state.

In conclusion, the risk factor is attached with online casinos and it’s better to play cautiously.

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